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Floating offshore wind turbine platform experiences periodic loading from wave environments and transient loading from rotating wind turbine in turbulent wind condition. Therefore, time domain structural assessment on the floating offshore wind turbine platform is typically required by international regulation societies to obtain safe design and operation.

Why time-domain structural analysis for FOWT?

  • Structural loading is intrinsically nonlinear due to aero-hydro-servo-elastic coupling between wind turbine and floater 

Status Quo

  • Only a few Time Domain structural analysis tools are available

  • Analysis time and cost is prohibitively large to cover all required load cases

We have developed TRUST © (TRUe Structural Time domain analysis)

  • Lodal Analysis Method to minimize Finite Element analysis

  • Time Domain Finite Element analysis faster than global performance analysis

  • More than 10 times faster than traditional time-domain analysis

  • More than 10,000 times less data storage


Use Your Preferred Hydro and Structural Analysis Software

Run your fully coupled motion analysis with your preferred software such has OpenFAST or Orcaflex.

Build your structural model with conventional structural analysis software such as ANSYS or NASTRAN.

Computer Processor

Efficient and Highly Scalable

You can run TRUST on thousands of cores and complete a full strength and fatigue analysis in a day. 

On your laptop PC with a typical 4-core CPU, TRUST delivers 3-hour time domain structural responses in less than an hour for a Finite Element model with 40,000 elements for a given environmental condition and hull motion.


Class Rule Check

Strength / buckling / fatigue check following the selected class rules in a GUI interface.

Q&A Seminar

Register for Workshop & Training

We organize workshops and trainings in the US and South Korea.


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