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The state-of-art hull design software enabling fully integrated time domain structural analysis for Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with optimal resource efficiency


Time Domain Structural  Analysis

For hull designers with well advanced designs, Front Energies delivers the fully integrated time domain structural analysis results in 2 weeks including strength, buckling and fatigue checks

From Concept to Detailed Design

Starting from high level hull conceptual sketches, Front Energies delivers detailed hull and mooring design including analysis and code checks for all design load cases

Owner-side Design Comparison

For Developers who need detailed comparative assessments of several FOWT concepts, Front Energies delivers fully integrated structural analysis for all concepts with same design inputs 


KRISO's 15 MW Hull

Designed with TRUST©

PentaSemi is a floating substructure for 15 MW wind turbine customized for the South Korean market developed by Front Energies and KRISO (Korean Research Institute of Ships and Ocean)

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Increase Design Confidence With
Front Energies' Numerical Wave Basin

Front Energies has developed an efficient CFD-based Numerical Wave Tank with wave coupling by new High-Level Spectral method and Mooring / Riser coupling by open-source software

FEwave© can simulate a 3-hour storm event in one day

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